Community Life: Stewardship - Ebenezer United Church of Christ

Community Life: Stewardship


Formally, the Stewardship Committee is charged with the responsibility to maintain a viable and sound financial foundation for Ebenezer UCC; however, they are more than just money handlers.

The Stewardship Committee looks for ways to encourage members to contribute to church in time, talent and financial ways. They seek ways to have members become involved by giving time and using their talents. A member can be God's steward to their church by giving of themselves; such service cannot be measured in dollars, because it is priceless.

This committee has been actively involved with the institution of the Ebenezer UCC Preschool Program, the Progressive Dinner Social Night, and the annual church picnic at Ontelaunee Park. Thanks to the Stewardship Committee, the Congregation now has a visual aid projector that enhances our weekly service, which incorporates the sense of sight in bringing God's Word forth.

Congregation Care Ministry
The goal for this project was to visit every member of Ebenezer UCC and assure them they are loved and part of the church family. It has succeeded beyond our wildest dreams, and we hope it will start many new relationships and active members. The Congregation Care teams will remain active and connected with their groups to provide open channels of communication and support between the church and its members.

During the Congregation Care Ministry visits, the Stewardship Committee learned there is a strong need to have a trained Youth Education Leader. There can be no better way to serve God then by serving the youth for they are our future. The Consistory is already moving in this direction and the Stewardship Committee will work on ways to finance such a position.

In short, the Stewardship Committee is an incubator of ideas to find ways to serve Ebenezer UCC. It is our role to take the Pastor's and Consistory's vision and move it to reality. It is our goal to not only inspire members to use their time and talent, but to find the financial resources necessary to keep this church alive for another 250 years.

Community Life: Stewardship - Ebenezer United Church of Christ