Preschool Program: Curriculum Areas - Ebenezer United Church of Christ

Preschool Program: Curriculum Areas


Creative Expression
Creative expression is a valuable part of Ebenezer UCC Preschool's curriculum. It promotes self esteem and allows a child to feel valued for his/her talents and gifts.

On a daily basis, children will explore a variety of mediums to express their creativity at Ebenezer UCC Preschool as they:

  • Draw, paint, glue, cut, sculpt
  • Dance, sing
  • Journal
  • Play blocks and participate in dramatic play

Movement and Motor Skills
Gross motor skills are the way in which a young child experiences the world around them. Through their senses, a child acquires knowledge by running, hopping, skipping, jumping, dancing, climbing, marching, touching, smelling, feeling, tasting, hearing, and seeing. A child develops from head to toe and from their torso outward. Gross motor activities allow that growth to develop while improving coordination and balance, timing, and overall good physical conditioning.

Fine motor skills are developed by first giving a child paper and large crayons and allowing them to practice the movement of writing. A variety of writing tools are made available to the children on a daily basis during teacher-driven and child-driven activities. As the children acquire more control and skills with writing and fine motor activities, the tools provided to the children are adapted to the progress they are achieving. A child's fine motor is achieved through a variety of activities such as working with play-doh, clay, pouring sand and water, legos, pegboards, and pegs. Manipulatives such as stringing beads and puzzles help a child to gain and improve their fine motor skills. Children also gain manual dexterity through the use of art materials like painting with brushes, using eye droppers, sponges, and Q-tips.

Children begin very early in life to acquire language skills. Language helps a child gain independence and the ability to interact with others. It plays a role in social interaction and expression of emotions as well as learning. When children are immersed in an environment where oral and written communication is valued, they have a strong desire to master language. An early childhood environment that values language and literacy is typically noisy and active.

At Ebenezer UCC Preschool, your child's receptive and expressive language skills grow and develop through songs, finger-plays, nursery rhymes, poetry, books and stories, and circle time discussions.

Children make sense of their world as they gather, sort, and organize information. As children interact with people and materials, children begin to construct a concept of numbers around experiences that are meaningful to them.

In both the indoor and outdoor environment, teachers design activities for students to seek solutions to concrete problems. This is done through block play, measuring sand, water and ingredients in cooking experiences, sorting, classifying objects, and playing games by counting and keeping score.

Science and Discovery
Children, by nature, are curious about the world they live in. They want to know how things work, how things grow. They have impulses and want to investigate and observe and need to have opportunities to act on them.

At Ebenezer UCC Preschool, we provide "hands on" concrete experiences to give the children opportunities to predict an outcome, observe, compare, experiment, classify, and discover. The children have opportunities to explore their natural environment both inside and outside the classroom. They are frequently involved in cooking experiences and experiments that combine science with math, nutrition, culture and fellowship.

Social and Emotional
It is important for children to develop a positive self esteem in order to feel good about themselves and the self image they project. Self confidence is fostered when children have challenging experiences and activities they can master and when they are able to make choices and decisions about their learning.

At Ebenezer UCC Preschool, children have many opportunities to:

  • Plan and make choices during teacher-driven and child-driven activities
  • Problem solve during play
  • Take care of their own needs
  • Express how they are feeling using their words
  • Understand and become sensitive to the feelings, interests, and needs of others
  • Build life-long relationships with children and adults

Classroom Technology
In our Young Preschool and Preschool curriculum, technology is introduced and used on a regular basis. At Ebenezer UCC Preschool we incorporate the use of computers, tape recorders, CD and/or cassette players, and cameras. Throughout the school day, children have an opportunity to independently listen to storybooks of their choice on CD and/or cassette tape while following along with their books. Computers games are used to increase each child's knowledge and long term memory while enhancing verbal skills, problems solving skills, cognitive development, and manual dexterity.