Preschool Program: Parent Participation and Communication - Ebenezer United Church of Christ

Preschool Program: Parent Participation and Communication


Each day your child will receive a daily report. The daily report will give you some insight as to what your child is doing while at school during the day. This report is also used to communicate important information about special activities that are going on. It may also be used as a way of reminding parents about something needed (i.e., a book order, show and share day, etc.).

It is our hope that this report will serve as a conversation piece between you and your child. So often we as parents ask "So what did you do today" and we get, "nothing". Reading this report can give you prompts to ask your child about specific activities they have done throughout the day. It should be something you and your child look forward to. You can find this in your child's cubby each day.

Ebenezer UCC Preschool wants your child's school year to be a very positive and rewarding experience for your family and your child. We want you to be involved and active in your child's learning.


Max's Weekend Adventures
Max's Weekend Adventures begin in October. Max is our classroom pet. Each child in our class will have an opportunity to take Max home for the weekend and have their parents (with the help of their child) record in Max's Journal what they did (real or imagined) with Max on their assigned weekend. When Max and Max's Journal are returned back to school the following Monday, we read to the class all about the Adventures Max had while at each child's home. Having Max for the weekend teaches a child responsibility, allows the parents to participate in the child's learning, and through dictation, enables the child to understand the correlation between spoken and written language.

Our monthly calendar will reflect who takes Max home on what weekend in addition to a schedule of projected dates each child will have to opportunity to take Max home. The schedule of projected dates will help children to understand each of them will have a turn to take Max home.