Programs & Outreach: Women of the Church - Ebenezer United Church of Christ

Programs & Outreach: Women of the Church


Ebenezer UCC's Women of the Church, formerly called the Ladies Aid Society, was organized on February 26, 1898. Over 118 years later, Women of the Church remain united and dedicated to lending their aid wherever needed and to the glory of God.

Women of the Church is devoted to working together to lend aid to Ebenezer UCC. Here are just a few things they do:

  • Prepare and serve funeral luncheons whenever called upon.
  • Coordinate the covered dish dinners, including our Family Day celebration, which are always well attended and enjoyed by everyone.
  • Prepare the annual Homecoming Dinner, which is famous for its delicious menu and provides a delightful opportunity to reminisce with old friends.
  • Deliver flowers and candy to our shut-ins every spring.
  • Prepare and deliver fruit baskets to our shut-ins every December.

Women of the Church are thankful for the generous response of our congregation to our Blanket Sunday and Thankoffering appeals, which allows the group to provide funds for various missions throughout the local community and around the world.

The major fundraising project of Women of the Church is the Annual Bazaar and Quilt Raffle. It is the group's policy to share half of the profits from this event with outside missions; the remaining profits are used to fill a need within our church.

Throughout the year, Women of the Church participate in other fundraising opportunities as they arise.

The Quilters & God's Handi-Workers
A subgroup of Women of the Church is The Quilters. They meet every Monday and Tuesday afternoon from 1:00 - 4:00. They would invite anyone who likes to quilt, or would like to learn the craft, to come to the quilting room on the first floor of the Church addition and join them.

Women of the Church meets the first Tuesday of the month at 7 pm in quilting room , February through June and September through December. All women of our church are considered members of the group. Those women and others from our community are welcome to come and join meetings and activities.